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Flashes 101

The Flashes 101 course is designed to focus on students’ sense of belonging as they transition to Kent State University.  Flashes 101 will normalize help-seeking behaviors by empowering students to communicate their needs and locate critical campus resources.

Flashes 101 Learning Objectives

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Students will:

  • work together to describe elements of a mutually supportive community and apply these to the course.
  • work together to communicate their needs and locate resources and individuals to help meet them.
  • work together to recognize their collective strengths and use these to advocate for themselves and others.
  • be able to describe how their individual identities contribute to the Kent State University community.
  • create a personal plan to support their health and well-being.

Join our Flashes 101 Community

University College invites applications for Flashes 101 Instructor positions.  The role of the Flashes 101 Instructor is to create a community of learners that facilitates a sense of belonging and supports student success.

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