Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

Mark M. PolatajkoMark M. Polatajko, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
Division of Finance and Administration


  • B.S. in Accounting, The University of Akron
  • MBA, Ashland University
  • Ph.D., The Cleveland State University

Job Description

Senior Vice President Polatajko is responsible for the overall leadership of the Division of Finance and Administration, which includes the areas of Budget; Financial Reporting; Facilities Planning and Operations; Business and Administration Services; Public Safety; and Internal Audit. Senior Vice President Polatajko provides leadership in financial accountability, policy, systems and reporting. He oversees all institutional financial planning to include budget forecasting, investments and risk management. Senior Vice President Polatajko is a member of the President’s Cabinet and assists in formulating and administering university policies and procedures, as well as developing long-range goals. He provides support for the Board of Trustees in the areas of finance and administration, and advises the president and colleagues on finance and administration-related issues.

Direct Reports

  • Senior Associate Vice President, Lisa (Jeannie) Reifsnyder
  • Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning and Operations, Douglas Pearson
  • Associate Vice President for Compliance, Risk Management and Real Estate, Constance Hawke
  • Director of Public Safety, Dean Tondiglia
  • Director of Internal Audit, Sarah Gampo

Contact, 330-672-2422

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