Office of the President

The president of Kent State University is the CEO of an organization of more than 38,000 students, 6,600 faculty and staff, more than 258,000 alumni, and an operating budget of $645 million.

The president is aided by a cabinet comprised of senior vice presidents, vice presidents, and executives in charge of the university’s major divisions and operations.

Together, they work to ensure the continued growth and success of Kent State University, embodying the institution's commitment to excellence in education, research, and community engagement.

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Who is President Diacon?

Flashes Together

Our Strategic Roadmap to a Diverse and Nationally Distinctive Kent State.

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President Diacon Speaking Engagement

Presidential Speaking Request


President Todd Diacon aims to be very engaged in activities and events across the Kent State University system, throughout the Northeast Ohio region and in any place where Kent State alumni and friends - old and new - are gathered. 

Please complete the Event, Video or Speaking Request form to request President Diacon's attendance at your event or his service as your guest or featured speaker. 

Major speaking or event requests should be submitted no fewer than six months in advance of the event.

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