Sponsored Programs Survey

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Dear Kent State University grant stakeholder,

Sponsored Programs in the Division of Research and Economic Development and the Grants Accounting/Controller’s Office in the Division of Finance and Administration are developing a program of focused outreach to make grant management more effective for those involved at any level.

This initiative is in response to an external peer review of research administration at Kent State University that took place in December 2022. 

Below you will find a link to a short climate survey that will help lay the foundation of this joint venture by providing insights on where we are now; what systems are being used, what levels of support are available and areas where focus would be most beneficial. 

We are seeking input from the entire network of personnel from experienced researchers and staff members to those who are new to the world of grants. 

Your input is very valuable and greatly appreciated! 

Thank you in advance for your input!


If you have any questions regarding this survey, please feel free to reach out to Katie Johnson at kjohn179@kent.edu

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is the resource for investigators at Kent State for all aspects of externally funded sponsored projects, including:

  • Assistance in identifying funding from sources outside of the university.
  • Facilitation and authorization of proposal submission.
  • Negotiation and acceptance of agreements of behalf of the university.
  • Oversight and guidance for administration of all sponsored projects from government agencies, private industry, and non-profit funding agencies, in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Applying for funding takes time and effort. To comply with the Kent State University policy regarding timelines for submission of grant proposals, investigators should adhere to the following deadlines:

  • Contact OSP with intention to submit a proposal at least ten working days before the submission deadline.
  • Finalize and route the Kuali budget for internal approvals no later than five working days before the submission deadline.
  • All proposals documents should be in near-final draft two days before the submission deadline.
  • All final documents are due by 8 am on the submission deadline day.

Click here for the Proposal Submission Workflow Chart

Please contact our office at 330-672-2070 or sponsoredprograms@kent.edu if you have any questions.

Institutional Fact Sheet

Document listing commonly requested data for use in proposal applications (ex. DUNS, UEI, EIN, IDC rates, fringe benefit rates, contacts)

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Sponsored Projects Definition

Explanation of criteria which qualify an activity as a "Sponsored Project"

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