About Us

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) strives to create accessible and inclusive experiences for students with all types of disabilities as they learn, live, and work at Kent State University. We view disability as the intersection of the environment and an impairment. Disability in a higher education environment is a complex, evolving concept that involves considering physical structures, classroom and learning environments, and social and interpersonal activities.  The accommodations and services we provide in SAS are intended to alleviate known barriers for college students. We also encourage proactive accessibility by considering possible barriers for all individuals with obvious or invisible disabilities. At Kent State University, Flashes take care of Flashes, and creating an inclusive environment is everyone’s responsibility.


SAS provides access and support by removing barriers and empowering students through education, collaboration, and advocacy.


To advance the holistic success of students with disabilities by creating intentionally designed physical, educational, and interpersonal experiences.