SIRCA Workshop


The SIRCA Workshop is a collaborative effort between the Kent State University Offices of Student Conduct and University College.  Expect an interactive and experiential session that will challenge you to consider various alternatives designed to reflect on your character.  The SIRCA Workshop is not a lecture and is not eligible for academic credit.  

If you have been assigned to the SIRCA Workshop, it is YOUR responsibility to:

  1. Print and complete the workbook
  2. Bring your PRINTED AND COMPLETED workbook to the workshop
  3. Attend the assigned workshop

SIRCA Workbook

SIRCA Workbook (PDF)


The workshop begins promptly at the time indicated, so you should plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior. It is important you are on time and stay for the full duration of the workshop. If you are late or leave early, you will not receive credit for attending the workshop and you will need to re-register with the Office of Student Conduct for another session. The workshop is 2 hours in length. 

Participation & Cooperation

Participation during the workshop will be a consideration for meeting the requirements of your sanction. Participation is defined as actively engaging with the participants, speaking during the session, completing written/oral exercises and respecting other group members. If you choose not to participate, you may need to retake the workshop. Do not come to the workshop under the influence of alcohol and/or any other drug. 


Confidentiality is vital for creating an environment where participants can share personal information. Any breach of confidentiality will be considered a violation and may subject you to disciplinary action.

Cell Phones and/or Electronics

The use of cell phones and/or electronics during the workshop is prohibited. Students should turn off phones or set to vibrate and keep phones in pockets/purses.

If you have questions about the SIRCA Workshop, please call the Office of Student Conduct by email at or by phone at 330-672-4054 during business hours (8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday).