Wick Students


Carrie George

Graduate Fellow and Third year NEOMFA student
Picture of Carrie George


Her favorite poem is "The Price of Rain" by Franny Choi

Isaiah Hunt

Graduate Outreach Assistant and third Year NEOMFA student
Picture of Isaiah Hunt

His favorite poem is "Some Tomorrow" by Sun Ra. 

Caitie Young

Graduate Assistant and First Year NEOMFA Student
Picture of Caitie Young

Their favorite poem is “Having a Coke with You” by Frank O’Hara.  

Dorisha Hendrix

student worker | Senior English major with a creative writing minor

picture of Dorisha Hendrix

Her favorite poem is "Passing Time" by Lang Leav

"I feel the end is drawing near

would time be so kind to slow?

You are everything to me, my dear- 

you are all I really know, 

But as I sit and wait and fear and watch the hours go- 

Everything that happened here, happened long ago"

Gabriella Clingman


Picture of Gabriella Clingman

Their favorite poem is "After the Goose That Rose Like the God of Geese" by Martín Espada

Patrick Moorman

outreach programming | Junior integrated language arts major

His favorite poem is "Corsons Inlet" by A.R. Ammons. 

Olivia Farina 

Honors Intern | English Major with a Focus in Professional Writing and a Minor in Creative Writing

Picture of Olivia Farina

Her favorite poems are "The Rival" by Sylvia Plath and "Spoiler" by Hala Alyan. 

Ava Carr

Student Worker | Fashion Design Major with a Textiles Minor

Picture of Ava Carr

Her favorite poem is from Morgan Harper Nichols’ poetry and artwork book, “All Along You Were Blooming.”

"When songs rise within me,

I will sing them.

Even when I am tired, 

weary and exhausted, 

I will trust

that these melodies 

are more than melodies. 

They are grace-filled

cadences to remind

my soul through my

aching, there is a 

peace to keep

me steady, a balm

for my wounds"

Mackenzie Stafford 

English Intern | Senior Psychology major with a minor in Creative Writing

Picture of Mackenzie Stafford

Her favorite poem is "Oranges" by Gary Soto.

Aidan Taylor

English Intern