2024 WPNI Scholars

Purva Chauhan, WPNI 2024

Purva Chauhan

Concentration: Paralegal Studies, Psychology

Internship: The International Rescue Commiittee

Nathaniel Cice, WPNI 2024

Nathaniel Cice

Concentration: Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies

Internship: David Trone for Senate


Mark Codinha: No Photo Available

Concentrations: Criminology and Justice Studies, ASL

Internship: Partnership for Public Service


Grace Davies: No Photo Available

Concentrations: Journalism, Creative Writing

Internship: Voice of America


Gabriel Defilippo: No Photo Available

Concentrations: Criminology & Justice Studies, Political Science

Internship: USMS Asset Forfeiture Division

Brooke Dinopoulos, WPNI 2024

Brooke Dinopoulos

Concentrations: Political Science

Internship: Representative Teresa Leger-Fernandez


Benjamin Fillinger: No Photo Available

Concentrations: Political Science, Criminology

Internship: The Stimson Center

Kennedy Gotham, WPNI 2024

Kennedy Gotham

Concentrations: Journalism

Internship: NewsNation and BBC News


Isaac Halaszi: No Photo Available

Concentrations: Peace and Conflict Studies, Philosophy

Internship: The Stimson Center

Jesse Halmasy, WPNI 2024

Jesse Halmasy

Concentrations: Political Science

Internship: Office of Representative Jim Jordan

William Mihalow, WPNI 2024

William Mihalow

Concentrations: Politicial Science, Communications

Internship: Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs

Molly Nolan, WPNI 2024

Molly Nolan

Concentrations: Politicial Science

Internship: IGI Investigations

Ellen Piverotto, WPNI 2024

Ellen Piverotto

Concentrations: Politicial Science, Pre-Law

Internship: Senator Sherrod Brown

Trevor Walton, WPNI 2024

Trevor Walton

Concentrations: Political Science, Paralegal

Internship: Representative Emilia Sykes' office


Logan Wittreich: No Photo Available

Concentrations: Translation, Political Science, Japanese

Internship: U.S. Arab relations Council