DAFS Points of Pride

Learn about the Department's recent achievements, awards, honors, and publications.

Honors and Awards
  • Beverly J. Warren Unity Award for Diversity
    • Received in 2019 by the Department of Africana Studies.
  • Excellence in Faculty Mentoring Award, Kent State University
    • Received in 2019 by Amoaba Gooden.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Black United Students, Kent State University
    • Received in 2019 by M. L. Temu.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Black Graduate Student Association, Kent State University
    • Received in 2019 by Mwatabu Okantah.
  • Outstanding Co-Curricular Service Initiative Award for development of the Fulani Institute, Office of Community Engaged Learning, Kent State University
    • Received in 2019 by Asantewa Sunni-Ali.
  • Advisor of the Year, Black United Students, Kent State University
    • Received in 2019 by Linda Piccirillo-Smith.
  • D. Amy-Rose Forbes-Erickso
    • Selected as one of ten university theatre directors from the U.S.A. and Canada to take an ensemble to the Fringe Festival in July 2019.
    • A group of five Pan-African Theatre Ensemble (P.A.T.E.) cast members will participate in the Festival which occurs in Edinburgh, Scotland in the International Collegiate Theatre Festival (I.C.T.F) program.
    • Other universities participating include Florida A&M University, Morehead State University, University of Cincinnati College - Conservatory of Music, and Wayne State University.
  • Faculty of the Game,  Kent State University
    • Received in 2018 by Idris Kabir Syed.
  • Dr. Amoaba Gooden, with Frans Van Baar and Lisa Hanasono
    • Received a $10,000 grant from the MAC for their project Empowering Project: Students, Faculty and Community Promoting Engagement to Effect Change, 2018.
  • Professor Mwatabu Okantah
    • Received the $10,000 BME Community Genius Fellowship Grant
    • The Genius Fellowship grant is given to Black men who have dedicated their lives to making a better future for others and are trusted by their communities because of it, 2019.
Theatrical & Creative Performances
  • Global Feminisms and the Anti-Colonial Project, Institute of Gender and Development Studies Biennial Conference
    • Dr. Asantewa Sunni-Ali and Dr. Amoaba Gooden, along with students Nyla Henderson and Shakeela Gray, were selected to participate, 2018.
  • Digital Masks to Africa - Cheikh Anta Diop: Poem for the Living, Pan-African Theatre Ensemble
    • The Epic Poem was written by Kent State’s Professor  Mwatabu Okantah and directed by Dr. D. Amy-Rose Forbes-Erickson.
    • The play ran for two nights to a full house, 2019.
  • An Echo in the Bone, Pan-African Theatre Ensemble
    • The production was directed by Dr. D. Amy-Rose Forbes-Erickson in the African Community Theatre.
    • The play ran for one night to a sold-out house, 2018.
Community Engagement
  • Pan-African Festival - The Center of Pan-African Culture
    • Over 100 people participated in the celebration of African and African diaspora culture on April 12-13, 2019.
    • The Festival was organized and  produced by Dr. Asantewa Sunni Ali.
  • Calabash Kids: A Tale from Tanzania, Fulani Institute of Academic and Arts - The Center of Pan-African Culture
    • Over 100 people attended the production held December 2018.
    • Written by Aaron Shepard and directed by Dr. Asantewa Sunni-Ali.
  • Pre-Kwanza Celebration - The Center of Pan African Culture
    • Over 150 people participated in a pre-Kwanzaa Celebration held in the Center of Pan-African Culture, 2018.
    • The celebration was written and produced by Dr. Asantewa Sunni-Ali.
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