Undergraduate Minors

Students majoring in any field – from Business or Education to the Humanities and Fine and Professional Arts – are encouraged to consider Africana Studies as a minor.

A minor in Africana Studies often enhances the employability of students who major in other fields. Those who take the African Studies or Identity, Globalization and Space minor will find themselves with a competitive advantage in the private sector, particularly in such areas as global health, agricultural processing, information technology, climate study, mineral trades and strong cultural competency skill sets.

The department offers three undergraduate minors:

  • Africana Studies, which covers the study of peoples of the Caribbean, the United States and Canada, with selected studies of Africa and other diasporic communities,
  • African Studies, which focuses on the study the African continent, with selected studies of diasporic communities of the past and in contemporary times, and a
  • Globalization, Identity and Space, which offers students a broad understanding of our global world. In each case, the curriculum addresses the topic of Pan-African frameworks of reading history and culture.