Thursday, November 17, 2022 - 4:05pm
When driving in the rain, it is unlikely that you have thought much about how the environment is affected, let alone how nearby aquatic sources are impacted. With funding from the...
Monday, October 10, 2022 - 3:56pm
Over half of the described species in the world are insects. Although many people think of insects as pests, they play vital roles and have a big impact on our invaluable ecosystems, as pollinators, helping break down wastes, and as an essential food source for many other organis...
Thursday, May 12, 2022 - 10:39am
When she receives her doctorate degree in cellular biology on May 14, Amber Rose Titus will enter an exclusive group: She will become one of just seven Kent State University graduates to earn her doctorate at the age of 25 or younger.
Tuesday, September 7, 2021 - 1:53pm
A research group in the College of Arts and Sciences at Kent State University is searching for potential treatments for men who have suffered spinal cord injuries and hope to regain bladder control and sexual functions.
Wednesday, June 9, 2021 - 4:21pm
Julia Perrone, research technician and lab manager of the Bahlai computational ecology lab in the Kent State Department of Biological Sciences, wants teachers and students to get a chance to understand ecology and data science from a hands-on perspective. Perrone, a recent gradua...
Thursday, May 6, 2021 - 8:41am
Finding himself in what he describes as “a great time to be in the field” of evolutionary biology, Sangeet Lamichhaney, Ph.D., could not be more excited about what he hopes to accomplish in Kent State University’s College of Arts and Sciences.
Tuesday, January 5, 2021 - 12:42pm
Three faculty members in Kent State University's Department of Biological Sciences recently co-authored a 384-page hardcover book, “Problem Plants of Ohio,” published by the Kent State University Press.
Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 9:17am
Kent State’s David Costello is passionate about identifying what trace metals lie within Northeast Ohio’s streams and what the effects of these metals are on the surrounding environment. Costello, an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, received a $718,00...
Friday, September 11, 2020 - 1:16pm
Lauren Kinsman-Costello, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences, will serve as the H2Ohio Wetland Monitoring Program Lead for Lake Erie and Aquatic Research Network (LEARN). The group will assess the effectiveness a...
Monday, June 1, 2020 - 9:52pm
Two Kent State University students, in the College of Arts and Sciences, were among 62 students from 50 different U.S. universities recently selected for funding by the Department of Energy’s Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Program.