Canvas in a Flash is a self-paced Canvas training/preview. Feel free to walk through this resource and learn more about Canvas at KSU.

Accessing Canvas

Getting Started

User Files

Your student account has 50MB of storage in the Canvas Files area. If you receive the message, Error: file size exceeds quota, you have reached the 50MB limit and may need to delete excess files to free-up storage space. 

NOT included in your 50MB: 

  • Files attached/submitted to graded assignments and discussions. 

Included in your 50MB: 

  • Profile pictures. 
  • Files manually uploaded to your Files area. 
  • Files attached/submitted to ungraded assignments or ungraded discussions. 
  • Files attached to Conversations in the Inbox. 

Managing Files 

Navigating Courses

Participating & Staying on Track

Completing Coursework