Funding Your Experience

Studying abroad can be affordable!  Many programs offer the same tuition rates as Kent State, and some programs even have lower tuition. Students can use their federal financial aid to go on Kent State approved programs. It is also possible to use most Kent State scholarships for study abroad costs. There are many opportunities to apply for study abroad scholarships.

Studying abroad with Kent State is well worth the investment and we have an entire staff to help work through the finances. 

Step 1: Create Your Budget

The first step to funding your trip is to know your expenses. Reference your program budget sheet, which can be found on the online brochure. Once you know your program costs, you can calculate your personal expenses based on the country in which you are studying.

Sample Personal Budget   Budget Tracking Sheet

Step 2: Know Your Payment Options

You have a variety of payment options for your studying abroad trip. In most cases you can utilize any of the following:

We recommend that all students view financial aid information on the Financial Aid and Education Abroad website to view funding options and frequently asked questions.

Students can also fundraise on their own through crowd sourcing websites and local fundraisers. 

Finding Scholarships

There are a variety of scholarships that can apply to your study abroad program. Our office is constantly searching for new scholarships for students to use for their trips. Refer to our Study Abroad Scholarships list to see the latest and use this tracking sheet to keep your information organized. 


Step 3 - Know Your Deadlines and pay your bill

Refer to your program brochure to determine payment deadlines. They can vary depending on the length of program. Once you have secured funding and paid your bill, start packing!

Stuck on Funding?

Can't figure out the ins and out of funding study abroad? Come meet with one of our Peer Ambassadors and we can point you in the right direction. Also, pay attention to our office calendar