Previous Dissertations & Theses

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Doctoral Dissertations

Semester Student Dissertation Title
Summer 2023 Sudeshi Madushani  
Spring 2023 Shankar Pandey  
Fall 2022 Nalin Abeydeera  
  Thiloka Dassanayake  
  Mohammed Enamul Hoque  
  Mohammad Akter Hossain  
  Bishnu Pant  
  Brad Popovich  
Summer 2022 Payel Datta  
  Dinusha Jayawardhana  
  Pawan Nepal  
Fall 2021 Kumudie Jayalath  
  Nicholas Penman  
Summer 2021 Keshav GC  
  Sagun Jonchhe  
Spring 2021 Jenjura Phuriragpitikhon  
Fall 2020 Srijana Bhandari  
Summer 2020 Hadeel Al-Layeith  
  Morgan Stilgenbauer  
  Han Wang  
Spring 2020 Huda Alamri  
  Ronghui Song  
Fall 2019 Arosha Dassanayake  
  Anthony Giovengo  
  Pramila Poudyel Ghimire  
  Mohammad Rahman  
  Jiuhong Zhang  
Summer 2019 He Liu  
Spring 2019 Shankar Mandal  
Fall 2018 Alexandre Goncalves  
  Prakash Kharel  
  Yuanyuan Liu  
  Donald Pryor  
  Junren Wang  
  Liping Zhang  
Summer 2018 Sumirtha Balaratnam  
  Nathan Beals  
Spring 2018 Jibin Abraham Punnoose  
  Sangeetha Selvam  
  Prakash Shrestha  
Summer 2017 Chiran Ghimire  
  Lin Li  
  Yang Zhou  
Spring 2017 Chamila Gunathilake  
  Jowita Marszewska  
  Kunlun Wang  
  Sriramakrishna Yarabarla  
  Yi You  
Fall 2016 Yunxi Cui  
  Mohamed Farhath  
  Ranil Gurusinghe  
  Michal Marszewski  
Summer 2016 Debmalya Bhattacharyya Translation modulation of cellular mRNA by G-Quadruplex structures
  Gayan Mirihana Arachchilage Regulatory roles of g-quadruplex in microRNA processing and the mRNA translation
Spring 2016 Sonya Adas Part 1: Synthesis and structural investigation of group 11 1,3-dicyclohexyl-2,2-diethylguanidinate complexes; Part 2: Synthesis and kinetic studies of N-hydroxysulfonamide nitrosyl hydride donor molecules and their reactions with cob(III)alamin
Fall 2015 Zhe Li Photocyclodehydrofluorination (PCDHF) – A synthetic method for fluorinated polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons
Matthew Worden Aqueous syntheses of transition metal oxide nanoparticles for bioapplications
Summer 2015 Shuo Li Mechanisms of neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis: Possible roles of N-acetylaspartate, hemoglobin and myelin basic protein
Spring 2015 Murthi Kandanapitiye Synthesis of biocompatible nanoparticulate coordination polymers for diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Fall 2014 Rohan Dassanayake Kinetic and mechanistic studies on the reactions of reactive nitrogen and oxygen species (RNOS) with vitamin B12 complexes
Zachary Graber Electrostatics and binding properties of phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate in model membranes
Vindya Perera Synthesis and characterisation of novel inorganic nanoparticles for diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Suvagata Tripathi Design and synthesis of liquid crystals with controlled absorption properties in the midwave infrared region
Nilantha Wickramaratne Phenolic resin-based porous carbons for adsorption and energy storage applications
Summer 2014 Harishchandra Subedi Mechanistic studies on the reactions of vitamin B12 complexes with the nitroxyl (HNO) donors Angeli's salt and Piloty's acid
Philip Yangyuoru Investigation of the formation of some biologically relevant small molecules using laser tweezers and capillary electrophoresis
Spring 2014 Deepak Koirala Mechanochemistry, transition dynamics and ligand-induced stabilization of human telomeric G-quadruplexes at single-molecule level
Summer 2013 Preeti Pathak Retinoic acid related orphan nuclear receptor a (RORa) regulates diurnal rhythm and fasting induction of sterol 12a-hydroxylase (CYP8B1) in bile acid synthesis
Prabin Rai Design and synthesis of fluorescent probes
Pritha Subramanian Development of synthetic approaches towards 2-substituted 3-and 4-fluorothiophene building blocks and their application in liquid crystal synthesis
Zhongbo Yu Mechanochemistry of human DNA G-quadruplexes revealed by single-molecule optical tweezers
Spring 2013 Laurie Broadwater Differential proteomic investigations of normal appearing gray matter in multiple sclerosis and control post-mortem brain tissue
Soma Dhakal Mechanical stability evaluation of i-motif and G-quadruplex structures under diverse circumstances
Summer 2012 Mark Morris Translational regulation of mRNA by G-quadruplex structures
Eric Soehnlen Novel nanomaterials for tumor targeted imaging and therapy
Jarrod Williams Design and synthesis of superresolution imaging agents
Fall 2011 Stacy Grant Polymer templating synthesis, adsorption and structural properties of alumina-based ordered mesoporous materials
Alan Grubb Preparation of heteroatom-substituted 1,3-thiazoles as building blocks for liquid crystal synthesis
Shihai Gu Adsorption and structural properties of polymer-templated ordered mesoporous organosilicas synthesized by using reactive organosilanes
Stephan Woods Vibrational spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging of biological cells and tissue
Summer 2011 Yasmin Blaih Isler Infrared spectroscopic characterization of phosphoinositide signaling pathway components
Andrew Conrad Rotational spectroscopy of biomolecules
Spring 2011 Sausan Azzam Protein profiling analysis of multiple sclerosis and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis brain tissue
Riya Mukherjee Studies on the coordination chemistry of vanadium, barium and cobalamins
Fall 2010 David Benson Laboratory kinetic studies on binary and ternary homogenous nucleation under lower tropospheric conditions 
Joanna Gorka Polymer-based mesoporous carbons: Soft-templating synthesis, adsorption and structural properties
Bogna Grabicka Microwave-assisted synthesis of ordered mesoporous organosilicas with surface and bridging groups 
Zhiping Jiang Characterization of phosphoinositide and sphingolipid domain formation in model membranes 
Spring 2010 Edward Suarez-Moreira (BMS) Vascular biochemistry of vitamin B12: Exploring the relationship between intracellular cobalamin and redox status in human aortic endothelial cells
Asanka Wijekoon Preparation and characterization of multifunctional stationary phases for multimode separations
Jing Zhao Protein kinases can differentially regulate transactivation activities of hLRH-1 through the modulation of cofactors interactions
Fall 2009 Pasquale Fulvio Synthesis and characterization of ordered mesoporous inorganic nanocomposite materials
Summer 2009 Luciana Hannibal-Lopez (BMS) Intracellular processing of cobalamins in mammalian cells
Fall 2008 Rafal Grudzien Synthesis and characterization of ordered cage-like siliceous mesostructures with organic pendant and bridging groups
Melati Khairuddean Synthesis of fluorinated liquid crystals
Summer 2008 Na Liu Novel dicyanomethylenedihydrofuran (DCDHF) fluorophores synthesis
Roberta Redfern Characterization of binding of PTEN and its disease related mutants to phospholipid model membranes
Spring 2008 Kamil Gierszal Synthesis, adsorption and structural properties of carbons with uniform and ordered mesopores
Avijit Majumdar (BMS) Regulation of the activation and activity of the extra-cellular signal regulated kinases 1 & 2 MAP kinase pathway by eukaryotic initiation factor 2 associated glycoprotein p67
Summer 2007 Ewa Celer Thermal and hydrothermal stability of polymer-templated siliceous mesostructures
Yulia Getmanenko Design, synthesis and mesomorphic behavior of 2,5-disubstituted pyridine liquid crystals
Hui Wang Tuning DCDHF (dicyanomethylenedihydrofuran) fluorophores and their applications in biological systems
Spring 2007 Oksana Olkhovyk Environmental applications of ordered mesoporous materials: Organosilicas with multifunctional ligands for adsorption of mercury ions
Fall 2006 Arnab Ghosh Studies of protein-protein interactions between P67 and subunits of eIF2: Identification of other proteins interacting with P67
Gang Li Effect of water and polyols on the dynamics of lysozyme studied by solid-state NMR
Spring 2006 Nataliya Chumachenko [Beta]-acryloyloxysulfonyl tethers for intramolecular Diels-Alder cycloaddition reactions
Paul Luchette Novel methods for investigating membrane proteins by NMR
Yehor Novikov 1-Bromo-1-lithioethene as a building block for organic synthesis
Ke Zhang Microparticles as a new analytical method to study liquid crystal colloids
Fall 2005 Mi Jung Kim Development of NMR imaging techniques
Fall 2004 Jabari Farrar AFM and imaging XPS data correlation
Duane Redfern Characterization of domain formation in phosphoinositide model membranes
Doris Zimmerman Adsorption, chromatographic, and thermogravimetric studies of mesoporous carbon materials with deposited silica
Summer 2004 Zhikuan Lu Copper-catalyzed aromatic amination and applications to materials synthesis
Spring 2003 Lamis Joudah Insight into the mechanism of chromium(V) mediated DNA damage
Zuojiang Li Novel mesoporous carbonaceous materials: Synthesis, characterization and applications in liquid chromatography
Fall 2002 Betty Jo Chitester Site directed mutagenesis studies on substrate recognition by ribonuclease T1
Meng He Synthesis of organic molecules for photorefractive applications
Rebecca Spooner Korwin Synthesis of silica-peo composite materials for use as solid-state electrolytes
Linli Su Studies on non-contact alignment of liquid crystals
Summer 2002 Valentyn Antochshuk Ordered organic-inorganic mesostructures: Properties, structure and nanospace design
Andre Kiryanov Development of synthetic methodologies toward five-membered S-heterocycles and their fluorinated derivatives: Applications to liquid crystal synthesis
Erika Volckova Chromatographic and spectroscopic characterization of DNA/protein adducts of platinum anticancer drugs
Spring 2002 Amy Ferryman High energy and spatial resolution XPS characterization of heterogeneous specimens
Richard Lavrich Structure determination of biologically relevant molecules and their Van der Waals complexes using Fourier-transform microwave spectroscopy
Paula Mazzer DNA damage by chromium carcinogens: Chromatographic, mass spectroscopic, and kinetic characterization
Fall 2001 Katerina Artyushkova Application of multi technique correlation and multivariate analysis to heterogeneous polymer systems
Summer 2001 Leon Gardner Argon adsorption studies of porous carbons
Kapil Kumar (BMS) Probing functional perfection in substructures of ribonuclease T1: Double combinatorial random mutagenesis involving Asn43, Asn44, and Glu46 in the guanine binding loop
Summer 2000 Michael Wagner Separation and characterization of dinucleotide atropisomers formed by the anti-tumor drug cisplatin using micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography
Spring 2000 Anima Bose Surface and structural properties of porous silica coated with polysiloxanes
Wei-wen Yang NMR structures of zinc finger domain of human DNA polymerase-α and structural perturbations upon coordination by the anti-cancer drug, cisplatin
Fall 1999 Michael Pullin The thermodynamics and kinetics of iron-dissolved organic matter interactions in model fresh waters
Elizabeth Thomas High energy and spatial resolution XPS of polymers and polymer blends
Spring 1999 Yuri Bereznitski Comparative studies of surface properties and chromatographic selectivity of silica-based octyl-bonded phases