Environmental Health and Safety

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety is part of Compliance and Risk Management and is located in Suite 310 Harbourt Hall. It is the responsibility of the office to provide health, safety, and environmental compliance services to the University through technical support, consultation, investigation, audits of facilities, and training to ensure an understanding of proper health, safety, and environmental compliance practices.

Its primary functions are to assist the University in promoting health and safety awareness, meeting compliance requirements, re-establish health and safety responsibilities, prevent and/or reduce work related injury-causing incidents, protect the environment, and eliminate occupational hazards and unsafe conditions.

Safety is a prime concern at Kent State University, and every reasonable effort will be made to continue to emphasize its importance. It is the responsibility of Kent State University and each employee to comply with applicable federal, state and local codes and regulations to ensure that the University is a safe environment in which to work.

For additional information

To request services or information, please call Environmental Health and Safety at (330) 672-1950 or e-mail: dbaden@kent.edu



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