To-Go Program

Kent State University has implemented the O2GO by OZZI reusable food container program for Dining Hall to-go meals. This program allows KSU students, faculty & staff to use reusable food containers while reducing our contributions to the landfill and lowering the carbon impact of dining on the Kent State Campus.  We are excited to offer this option to support Kent State University’s commitment to sustainability and a more sustainable food system. Disposable to-go options will be available for a $7.00 charge.
The containers are part of the program life cycle; therefore, all containers need to be returned and not permanently kept

First Container Pick-up:

  • Students should redeem your first container for the program from the cashier at Eastway or DI Dining Halls between August 15th and September 9th.
  • Your FLASHcard will be used to track if you are eligible to redeem a reusable container or if you have already checked your allotted container out.

Return user: 

  1. Deposit the used container in the OZZI machine to receive a new OZZI token.  For sanitation purposes, please remove all food waste and return the container within 1-2 days, you do not have to wash the container – we do that dirty work for you!
  2. After swiping in for your meal at Eastway or DI Dining Halls, please hand your OZZI token to the cashier to receive a container. (You may not sit and dine prior to filling the container.)
  3. Hang on to the OZZI token until the next time you need to exchange it for a new clean container. 
  4. Students: Prior to leaving the University for the current academic year, please return the OZZI token to the cashier at the Eastway or DI Dining halls.
  5. Faculty & Staff: Return the OZZI token and/or any containers when you leave for the semester or retire from the University.