Information Technology Records

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Information Systems - Audit Trail Files

Data generated during the creation of a master file or database used to validate a master file or database during a processing cycle.

3 Cycles

Information Systems - Backup Files

Copies of master files or databases, application software, logs, directories, and other records needed to restore a system in case of a disaster or inadvertent destruction.

3 Cycles

Information Systems - Computer Run Scheduling Reports

Records used to schedule computer runs including daily schedules, run reports, run requests, and other records documenting the successful completion of a run.

Until Superseded

Information Systems - Computer Usage - Chargeback Billing Records

Reports and other records from campus computer centers detailing charges for computer services. Includes monthly billing reports, copies of vouchers and bills

4 Years

Information Systems - Computer Usage - Files

Electronic files or automated logs created to monitor computer system usage including but not limited to log-in files, system usage files, data entry logo, and records of individual computer program usage.

3 Cycles

Information System - Computer Usage - Files - Summary

Summary reports created to document computer usage

Until Superseded

Information Systems - Data Documentation & Data Dictionary Records

Records generally created during development or modification and necessary to access, retrieve, manipulate and interpret data in an automated system including data element dictionary, file layout, code book or table, and other records that explain the meaning, purpose, structure, logical relationships and origin of the data elements, user guides, system or sub-system definition, system flowcharts, program descriptions and documentation, job control or work flow records, system specifications, and input and output specifications.

Active + 3 Years

Information Systems - Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plans

Records related to the protection and re-establishment of data processing services, equipment and data (back-up files) in case of a disaster.

Active + 3 Years

Information Systems - Hardware & Software Conversion Plans

Records relating to the replacement of equipment or computer operating systems

Active + 3 Years

Information Systems - Hardware Documentation

Records documenting the use, operation, and maintenance of the university's data processing equipment including operating manuals, hardware/operating system requirements, hardware configurations, and equipment control systems

Active + 3 Years

Information Systems - Help Desk Logs and Reports

Records used to document requests for technical assistance and responses to these requests as well as to collect information on the use of computer equipment for program delivery, security, or other purposes.

1 Year

Information Systems - Information Resources Management and Data Processing Services Plans

University IT plans, data processing service plans, strategic plans, and related records used to plan for information systems development, technology acquisitions, data processing services provision, or related areas.

Active + 3 Years

Information Systems - Maintenance Contract Files

Records documenting support services provided to specific data processing equipment or installations including site visit reports, program and equipment service reports, service histories, and correspondence and memoranda

Active + 6 Years

Information Systems - Operating Procedures

Records of procedures for data entry, the operation of computer equipment, production control, tape library, system backup, and other aspects of a data processing operation.

Active + 3 Years

Information Systems - Policies

Records of data processing policies including those covering access and security, systems development, data retention and disposition, and data ownership.

Active + 10 Years

Information Systems - Procurement Records - Hardware & Software

Records used in the procurement of system hardware and software including request for proposals, quotations and bids, benchmark/acceptance testing information, correspondence, duplicate copies of contracts, purchase orders, technical reviews, and vendor information including references and literature on the firm or product line.

Active + 6 Years

Information Systems - Procurement Records - Services

Records created to initiate the purchasing process, authorize, and provide funds for, or satisfy claims and expedite payments for private service providers including copies of purchasing orders, involve requests, receipts, agency vouchers, service reports, and other supporting documents.

4 Years

Information Systems - Software Documentation

Copy of program code, program flowcharts, program maintenance log, system change notices, original design documents, specifications requirements, acceptance tests, and other records that document computer programs and the modifications made to computer programs.

Active + 4 Years

Information Systems - Tape Library Control Records

Records used to control disposition of magnetic media in a tape library

Until Superseded

Information Systems - Test Database and Files

Routine or benchmark data sets, related documentation, and test results constructed or used to test or develop a system.

Active + 3 Years

Information Systems - Users Access Records

Electronic or textual records created to control or monitor individual access to a system and its data created for security purposes, including but not limited to user account records, security logs, and password files.

Active + 3 years