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This section of the website contains information and links to resources that may be of particular use to faculty and staff in the recruitment, admission, teaching, mentoring and advising of our graduate students.

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Expectations for Graduate Education

This document outlines the expectations for graduate students, graduate program faculty, academic departments and programs, and Graduate Studies across all the university's campuses. Working groups consisting of graduate associate deans, faculty, professional staff and graduate students from across the university compiled the expectations.

Kent State University Resources

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the faculty governing body for Kent State University.

Educational Policies Council

The Educational Policies Council is a Faculty Senate body responsible for long-range academic planning for Kent State University.

University Teaching Council

The University Teaching Council supports teaching and curriculum development through grants, the Outstanding Teacher Awards and the Annual Teaching Council Conference.

Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides students and faculty with support in areas related to scholarship and professional work, including teaching and leadership development.


Chancellor’s Council on Graduate Studies

As delegated by the Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education, the Chancellor’s Council on Graduate Studies (CCGS), which is composed of the graduate deans of the Ohio universities, has responsibility for the evaluation of new and revised graduate programs.  

CCGS Guidelines and Procedures (PDF)