Frequently Asked Questions

Admission services, what admissions services does the Graduate College provide?

The Graduate College does not provide admissions services. Graduate Admissions can assist with all admissions services, including applications, transcripts and enrollment deferral.

Deferment, how do I defer enrollment to a graduate program?

To defer enrollment, reach out to Graduate Admissions (, or if you are an international student, contact the Office of Global Education (

Forms, what administrative forms does the Graduate College manage?

The administrative forms managed by the Graduate College include Leaves of Absence, Re-Enrollments for students on approved leaves of absence, Requests for Additional Employment, and Exceptions to Full-Time Enrollment for graduate assistants.

Graduate Admissions and Graduate College, are they the same?

No, they are not the same. Graduate Admissions and Graduate College both serve graduate students and faculty, but in different ways. Graduate Admissions is where students apply to graduate programs, submit transcripts and defer enrollment. Graduate College provides students and faculty with support, services and access to resources.

Graduate application assistance, where can I get help with my graduate application to Kent State?

If you need assistance with your current graduate application to Kent State, you can reach out to Graduate Admissions at

Graduate assistantship, how can I get a graduate assistantship at Kent State?

Each department at Kent State manages their own hiring for graduate assistantships. Reach out to your department directly to inquire about available assistantships. You can also search for student job opportunities on Handshake.

Graduate students and faculty, who does the Graduate College serve?

The Graduate College is a helpful resource for graduate students and faculty, offered in addition to the resources within each graduate program.

Late arrival, what do I do if I am an international student with a late arrival?

If you are an international student with a late arrival, you can contact International Student Services at for assistance.

Services offered, what services does the Graduate College provide to students and faculty?

The Graduate College supports Kent State’s graduate students from orientation through thesis and dissertation, providing holistic services that address professional development, career advising, academic success, research opportunities, and health and well-being to enhance graduate education beyond degree completion. The college’s services are evolving as the needs of students and faculty change. Please let the Graduate College staff know if you need assistance, and they will do their best to connect you with existing resources or create new resources.

Visa, where can I get help with my student visa?

If you have questions about student visas or need assistance, please contact the Office of Global Education at or International Student Services at