As part of GURI’s collaboration with local Northeast Ohio agencies serving immigrants and refugees, we compiled easily available legal glossaries with definitions written in language accessible to translators, interpreters, and other service providers in languages most needed in these communities: Arabic, Nepali, and Spanish. We thank the following translators and legal research consultants: Dr. Said Shiyab for Arabic, Cindy Hazelton for English, Pasupati Regmi for and Alok Acharya for Nepali translation and typing and proofing respectively, and Dr. Isabel Lacruz for Spanish.

Legal Glossaries


English/Arabic Legal Glossary (PDF) 

English/Nepali Legal Glossary (PDF)

English/Spanish Legal Glossary (PDF)

GURI is grateful to the following translators for sharing their expertise: 

Dr. Said Shiyab for Arabic  

Dr. Isabel Lacruz for Spanish 

 Pasupati Regmi for Nepali  

Cindy Hazelton and Françoise Massardier-Kenney for English.