Strategic investment in the research areas of strength represented by the five research institutes and initiatives directly builds and increases the culture of research at KSU.


  • Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute

    Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute

    Building on the foundation of the Glenn H. Brown Liquid Crystal Institute’s 50-year legacy of cutting edge science, the AMLCI embraces all materials research on campus, with an initial emphasis on materials that respond to changes in their environment. 

  • Brain Health Research Institute

    Brain Health Research Institute

    Kent State University’s Brain Health Research Institute (BHRI) is committed to improving our understanding of brain function in health, disease and repair. Our mission includes the development of new approaches aimed at understanding an array of neurological disorders by identifying genetic, environmental and behavioral influences that impact brain health across the life span.

  • Environmental Science and Design Research Initiative

    Environmental Science and Design Research Initiative

    The Environmental Science and Design Research Initiative (ESDRI) is dedicated to research and investigations within natural and built systems.  

  • Global Understanding Research Initiative

    Global Understanding Research Initiative

    The Global Understanding Research Initiative (GURI) focuses on the impact of globalization, the ubiquity of communication technologies connecting diverse populations, and the growing movement of people across national borders.

  • Healthy Communities Research Initiative

    Healthy Communities Research Initiative

    The Healthy Communities Research Initiative (HCRI) is focused on basic and applied research leading to the discovery of processes and practices that enable all people to thrive free of preventable disease and injury, while achieving well-being and health-related quality of life.

  • Design Innovation

    Design Innovation

    We bring together students, faculty, community and leading experts from diverse disciplines who are thoughtfully addressing technology and society through design to become creative, intersectional problem-solvers and fearless collaborators in the face of complex, messy problems.

The establishment of the Brain Health Research Institute and the Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute in addition to the Environmental Science and Design, Global Understanding, and Healthy Communities Research Initiatives  and the Design Innovation Initiative aid directly in accomplishing the University’s Strategic Roadmap goal of building “a culture of research and innovation.”