The Human Performance Education, Research, and Outreach (HERO) Initiative is an interdisciplinary program committed to identifying and applying techniques and protocols that allow individuals to perform their best during competition and other high stakes activities. 

Using innovative approaches and cross-cutting methods, the HERO Initiative looks to promote peak performance for athletes, students in the classroom, professionals at work, the performing arts, first responders, military personnel, and anyone striving to meet their goals and wanting to perform at a high level under challenging conditions.

To accomplish this goal, professionals with diverse expertise in medicine, exercise science, athletic training, education, nutrition, and psychology work collaboratively on a wide range of projects and programming designed to generate maximum impact for individuals, teams, and organizations.   This integrative and comprehensive perspective allows the HERO Initiative to understand complex problems from the ground up, generating new insight and leading to novel solutions. 

Through its many academic and clinical partnerships, the HERO Initiative also provides educational experiences for learners of all ages and skill levels, ranging from traditional in-classroom offerings to hands-on practical experiences to community-based presentations and events. 

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Katie Schilling
John Gunstad 
Co-Directors, HERO Initiative