'Full-Circle Moment' Leaves Lasting Impression on Admissions Leader

Mark Ledoux takes to social media to share special conversation

Mark Ledoux's work at Kent State University has made a difference with a lot of students. Make that, a lot of students.

In his current role as director, Enrollment Research Analytics, Ledoux supports the Division of Enrollment Management through research and critical analysis of the university’s new student enrollment trends.

Overall, he has worked in Admissions for more than 27 years, including as the director of recruitment, where he helped literally thousands of students over the years.

"My job was really to facilitate the enrollment process and to have all the information they needed to make an informed decision about attending Kent State, including financial aid and scholarship opportunities," Ledoux said. 

Mark Ledoux

So after nearly three decades of service, you can imagine Ledoux's surprise when a student – again, one of the thousands he has helped – recently tracked Ledoux down in his office. 

"Today a student who I helped three years ago sought me out to thank me in person on his last day on campus for the support and the efforts to help him get a scholarship. He said it changed his life," Ledoux wrote on social media. "He was excited to tell me he will be graduating early and has an internship."

For Ledoux and his team, every day is an opportunity to change lives, especially with the university's large population of first-generation students. Still, the sheer volume of those in need makes it a challenge to always keep in touch. 

For a few minutes, that single conversation with a graduating student made it all worth it, Ledoux said.

"He was so happy and grateful and full of hope. It just made my day."

So as the university's recent spring commencement ceremonies celebrated thousands of new graduates, Ledoux and others on the Admissions team clapped and cheered from a distance knowing they played a part in the journeys of so many who turned their tassels having earned a college diploma. 

This year, Ledoux's smile might have been a bit bigger when one specific student took the time to share his gratitude.

"Rarely in Admissions do we get those full-circle moments with the students we work with," said Ledoux. "It was awesome!"

POSTED: Tuesday, May 23, 2023 08:06 AM
Updated: Wednesday, May 31, 2023 02:10 PM
Eric Mansfield