Combined BS/MA Program

Physics majors with outstanding records may be eligible for enrollment in a Combined Baccalaureate and Master's Program (BS/MA) in Physics.

To be eligible, students must have at least junior standing and have achieved a minimum GPA of:

  • 3.50 after 60 semester hours,
  • 3.40 after 75 semester hours,
  • 3.30 after 90 semester hours,
  • or 3.20 after 105 semester hours.

The following procedure must be followed for admission to this program:

The minimum credit-hour requirements for graduate courses in the combined BS/MA program at Kent State University are 32 semester hours, with no more than half at the 50000 level. Up to 12 semester hours of the graduate courses may be applied toward completion of the BS requirements as well.  The State of Ohio requires a minimum of 150 credit hours to receive a combined bachelor's and master's degree; a minimum of 120 semester hours earned toward graduation for the bachelor's degree plus a minimum of 30 semester hours earned toward graduation for the master's degree.