Credit by Examination

Credit for selected Kent State University courses is granted under the Credit-by-Examination Program (CBE).

Students with demonstrable ability and knowledge in a particular subject area may earn credit in certain courses by taking special examinations, completing special assignments or both. Academic departments designate courses as "available for CBE without departmental permission," "available for CBE with departmental permission, and "not available for CBE". Most 10000-level courses and selected introductory 20000-level courses are available for CBE. Other courses are normally not available for CBE. Students who wish to be examined in a course must petition the appropriate department and their college for permission. Such permission will be granted only if the students present documented evidence of substantial prior preparation in the subject area.

The minimum passing standard for CBE is the equivalent of a grade of C. However, no letter grades, only credit hours, are given for CBE. A non-refundable examination fee of $50 per credit hour must be paid at the Campus Bursar's / Cashier's Office.

The CBE status of all undergraduate physics courses at Kent State University is listed below:

Available for CBE without Departmental Permission

PHY 11030 Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe
PHY 13001 General College Physics I
PHY 13002 General College Physics II
PHY 21430 Frontiers in Astronomy

Available for CBE with Departmental Permission

PHY 12201 Technical Physics I*
PHY 12202 Technical Physics II*
PHY 13012 College Physics II
PHY 21040 Physics in Entertainment and the Arts
PHY 23101 General University Physics I
PHY 23102 General University Physics II
PHY 32511 Electronics
PHY 35101 Classical Mechanics

Not Available for CBE

PHY 12000 Introductory Physics Seminar
PHY 12111 Physics for Health Technologies*
PHY 13021 General College Physics Laboratory I
PHY 13022 General College Physics Laboratory II
PHY 20095 Special Topics
PHY 21041 Physics in Entertainment and the Arts Laboratory
PHY 21431 Frontiers in Astronomy Laboratory
PHY 22564 Introduction to Materials Physics
PHY 30020 Intermediate Physics Laboratory
PHY 30095 Special Topics
PHY 34000 Cosmology
PHY 36001 Introductory Modern Physics
PHY 36002 Applications of Modern Physics
PHY 40020 Advanced Physics Laboratory
PHY 40060 Physical Literature
PHY 40092 Internship in Physics
PHY 40095 Special Topics
PHY 40096 Individual Investigation
PHY 40099 Senior Honors Thesis
PHY 40195 Special Topics
PHY 41010 Biophotonics
PHY 44600 Introduction to Biological Physics
PHY 44802 Astrophysics
PHY 45201 Electromagnetic Theory
PHY 45301 Thermal Physics
PHY 45401 Mathematical Methods in Physics
PHY 45403 Data Analysis and Computational Physics Techniques
PHY 45501 Electromagnetic Waves and Modern Optics
PHY 46101 Quantum Mechanics
PHY 46301 Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics
PHY 46401 Introduction to Solid State Physics

*Courses offered only at Kent State University Regional Campuses.