Curriculum Committee

In addition to the Advisory Committee on Academic Assessment at the university level, each college has an assessment-related committee

University Requirements Curriculum Committee

This subcommittee of the Educational Policies Council (EPC) will oversee all courses that every student must take (i.e. university-wide curricular requirements).  It will: 1) Periodically review and recommend changes in existing curricular requirements (LER, Diversity, and Writing Intensive); 2) Review new courses and program proposals and make recommendations on them; 3) Initiate and monitor faculty development programs for instruction of these courses; 4) Assess student learning outcomes from university-wide required courses and programs.


College of Education, Health and Human Services

Clinical Experience Advisory Committee

The mission of the CEAC is to establish and review policies and procedures with regard to all field work (field experience - student teaching): including eligibility, placement, continuation, assessment, advising for student teaching, and licensure AND to review requests from teacher candidates for exceptions to student teaching policies and decide on approval or disapproval of requested exceptions.

Teacher Education Coordinators

Coordinators of teacher education program across the university meet monthly during the academic year to advise the Director of Teacher Education on policies, procedures, and curriculum in teacher education. They also create and review assessments to ensure that teacher candidates have the knowledge, skills, and disposition to work in schools.

School of Information

Curriculum Committee

The committee coordinates all curricular review activities of the School. These activities may include evaluation of degree changes, coordination of outcome assessment, evaluation of continuing education activities, and periodic assessment of program demand.

Accreditation and Assessment Committee

The Accreditation and Assessment Committee reviews matters pertinent to the accreditation processes of the School's programs and those processes associated with Kent State University's Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP), School goals and objectives, and to provide a forum for sharing best practices among the School, its leadership, and constituencies. The Committee is comprised of at least three tenured/tenure-track full-time faculty members with voting privileges. The Director or the Director’s designee for assessment is an ex-officio member. In addition, one staff member responsible for assessment data collection and one student representative may be invited to participate as needed. Committee meetings are open to all FAC members.