Follow-Up Report Info and Support

Follow-up Process Overview

Three academic years after the unit has undergone an Academic Program Review, they will go through the Follow-up process. This process is seen as a way to circle back and make sure that there is follow through on the agreed upon Action Plan and to assess the effectiveness of the entire Academic Program Review Process.

Units will be notified at the start of the academic year that a Follow-up Report is due, the unit has until October 1 of that same academic year to submit the report to the Office of Accreditation, Assessment and Learning (AAL). To aid units in writing their Follow-up Report, a template has been provided for guidance. 

Follow-up Process Report

The report would simply consist of a summary of the progress accomplished for each of the agreed upon points/recommendations from the unit’s Action Plan. The report is then discussed and reviewed by the Senior Associate Provost and the Assistant Provost of Accreditation, Assessment and Learning. They will determine if the progress made is:

  • Acceptable Progress – Unit is cleared to proceed as planned until their next academic program review.
  • Unacceptable or No Progress Made – Would require additional monitoring and another report due the following year.