Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes should:

  • Include active-verb description of specific point or task that students will accomplish or reach
  • Be specific and measurable
  • Be part of a degree program assessment plan that includes no less than three (3) specific statements of student learning (best practices are typically 4 to 6 "SLOs" and discipline-specific requirements may expect more)
  • Relate to college and university level learning outcomes

Developing Outcomes:

Use the following sentence templates when constructing a learning outcome:

  • Graduates of this program will be able to (specific skill or competency).
  • [Target population] will [cognitive/affective/psychomotor action verb] [context specific action]

Target Population Examples:

  • Programs: Graduates of _(degree)_in _(program)_ will…
  • Courses: Students who complete _(course)_ will…

Observable and Measurable Action Verbs: References to Bloom’s taxonomy verbs  

Context Specific Action:

  • Keep specific to the program or course – a topic/concept students would not be able to learn, value or gain skill without this specific educational experience   

For more information, download this Program Learning Outcomes Quick Guide (PDF)