Student research groups, clubs, and other organizations are as vital as our office and the Division of Research and Economic Development to Kent State's efforts to build a culture of research and innovation.

While the Office of Student Research, RAED, the Division of Graduate Studies, student government and various other university offices can provide a wealth of resources for students' scholarly and creative endeavors,
it is the students who ultimately must determine their own course, whose curiosity and drive will lead them to answer questions their mentors haven't even thought of yet. It also is the close bond that students
form with each other that will lead them to play off each other's strengths, learn from each other's experiences (and mistakes), and bring them together in the spirit of scholarly collaboration that is such an integral
part of Kent State's research identity and so vital to research success.

For many students, the most valuable resource they will find is another student. Whether it's a senior with years of experience or a fellow underclassman embarking on a journey of academic inquiry
alongside them. The OSR knows that our ability to unite students with each other is as important as any resource or service we offer.

We recommend bookmarking this page, which provides information about and links to our Research Ambassadors, Student Government offices, student research clubs, and other organizations that will help students craft and refine their research experience at Kent State.