The Office of Technology Commercialization has created the Inventors’ Forum in order to share commercialization information and resources with the university community and beyond. Through this series, we will engage with a range of topics from commercialization basics, to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), intellectual property, patents, licensing, startups, and much more. These conversations will not only include those experienced in commercialization efforts here at the university; but also will draw on the network of resources and experts from the region and beyond. These series are open to all who would like to attend and participate. Please join us to learn more about how to commercialize your technology, and to meet other like-minded professionals with similar interests and experiences. 


Virtual Inventors Forum: Collaborating with Industry and Community Partners on your Research

This virtual inventors forum took place on October 27. View the recording from the event below.


Members of the Office of Technology Commercialization will engage with Elyse Ball of the University of Akron Research Foundation around the best practices for reaching out to and engaging with external partners to explore research and commercialization opportunities. 

The Division of Research and Economic Development, and Technology Commercialization were pleased to host this forum in 2023.


Hosted by Albert Green, Ph. D., Director of Technology Commercialization


Headshot of Technology Commercialization Director Dr. Albert Green


Elyse Ball, University of Akron Research Foundation 

Inventors Forum Image