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Find all the forms you'll need to begin and complete the process of commercializing your inventions.

Invention Disclosure Form
(Be sure to download and read the Instructions)

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)
Sponsored Research Agreement Template
License Agreement Template
Option Agreement Template

Work Flow for MTA, DUA, and NDA

  1.  Submit request to the Division of Research and Sponsored Programs (RASP) at raspagreements@kent.edu along with the following:
    1. All agreements and documentation; 
    2. Contact information for all involved parties including KSU personnel;
    3. Important dates/timing. 
  2.  The request will be logged in with RASP and then forwarded to the Office of General Counsel for review. 
  3. RASP or the General Counsel’s Office will contact you with questions/issues, or, you will be notified when the agreement is fully signed by KSU.