Emerging Leader Council

The Emerging Leader Council is made up of a diverse group of first-year students who dedicate themselves to ensure a smooth transition for all freshmen at Kent State University. Please consider joining FAC if you would like to assist with the development of programs and activities for your freshman class. For more information about FAC, please contact us.

Mission Statement

Emerging Leader Council aims to unite first-year students at Kent State University, promote diversity throughout campus, develop leadership qualities, and connect new students with valuable resources. It is our goal to enhance the experience of new students from their first day on campus until their last day as freshmen.


We stand to be the go-to resource for all first-year students in their quest to find relevant resources, helpful tips, and their place at Kent State. Emerging Leader Council should serve as a resource hub and easily accessible tool to propel and contribute to the success of freshmen students.


  • Provide freshmen with a readily accessible and plentiful resource center
  • Utilize campus resources to connect peers
  • Become the voice to and for new students
  • Become the stepping stone to leadership and service opportunities

2019-20 Executive Members

President: Hailey Potts                                       

Vice President: Jessica Vari                                

Secretary: Katie Reilly

Treasurer: Annie Jenkins                                         

Events Coordinator: Emily Harville                                  

Project Coordinator: Kelsey Fritts

Social Media Coordinator: Mikayla Garofalo

Public Relations Officer: Erik Gomez              

Creative Content Officer: Kalaya Jones  

Volunteer Coordinator: Brook Lyn Mercado


 Email NewAtKSU@kent.edu for additional information.