College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Morgan Dawson launched Dawson Workwear construction pants in July 2022.

Alumna Morgan Dawson created Dawson Workwear, a line of pants specifically for women in construction, to provide comfort and an appropriate fit for the female body.

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Intentionality to build successful academic mentoring relationships with students is what sets professors apart at Kent State, and each year two professors at the graduate and undergraduate level receive a student-nominated award for their ability to do so. The intent of the award is to recognize those professors exceeding in mentoring students in how to perform research in any field.  

Division of Research & Economic Development
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Environmental Science and Design Research Institute
Torrance Gaskins and Kaitlin Shvach, first place winners of 2020 ESDRI Symposium Poster session

Erie, Pennsylvania, community members gather with CUDC students

When cities need help imagining new possibilities for their urban places and communities, they call Kent State University’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC). Most recently, Kent State architecture students had the opportunity to put the skills they learn in the classroom to make an impact on local communities in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Kent State University arch, in front of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design on a sunny day

Kent State University’s architecture and interior design graduates build such impressive skills during their studies in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design that in a national survey, hiring professionals rank them among the most-hired.