How We Work with Faculty, Students and Industry

Our mission is to provide the resources, facilities and services needed by Kent State faculty and students to conduct groundbreaking, globally relevant research and scholarship.

We identify funding opportunities and work with faculty to develop high-quality grant proposals. We mentor and train researchers through workshops and one-on-one counseling. We guide investigators in fulfilling grant report requirements.

We encourage collaboration and student participation in the research community.

We partner with industry on sponsored research projects and we co-develop technologies and intellectual property for commercialization.

Student Resources

Student Research Resources at Kent State University

We encourage students to participate in research groups as undergraduates, where they can learn from graduate students, postdoctoral and faculty mentors. We co-sponsor an annual undergraduate symposium on research, scholarly and creative activity. We offer training on compliance with research ethics, policies and regulations.

Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

We work with faculty to find research collaborators and to develop and submit proposals to fund their research. We accept grant and contract awards on behalf of the university, negotiate terms and ensure that research regulations are met. Technology transfer assistance helps faculty who want to commercialize their research.

Industry and Entrepreneurs

Industry Resources

We partner closely with industry at an early stage, to move research discoveries into the marketplace, creating jobs and economic vitality. We can provide facilities and equipment access to industry and researchers through forums, symposia, and sponsored research projects. We sponsor industry consortia and make technologies available for licensing.