Questions? Who to Call...

Contact Information for
The Division of Research and Sponsored Programs (RASP)

207 Schwartz Center, 800 E. Summit St.

Who do I call for…..


  1. Questions related to compliance, IRB or IACUC applications: Kevin McCreary, Ext. 2-2704,
  2. Questions related to research development, grant writing, team building, workshops and faculty forums: Doug Delahanty at Ext. 2-2395,,
  3. Questions related to proposal preparation and submission for external funding: Diana Skok, Ext. 2-0700,
  4. Questions related to managing externally-funded awards: Bev Robertson, Ext. 2-0711,
  5. Questions related to finding funding or sponsored programs: Lori Burchard, Ext. 2-7946,
  6. Questions regarding intellectual property, inventions, commercializing your invention, and/or building and testing prototypes: Albert Green,
  7. Questions related to undergraduate research opportunities, undergraduate travel awards, faculty outstanding mentorship awards, and the Council for Undergraduate Research: Ann Gosky, Ext. 2-0837,
  8. Questions related to the two research institutes (Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute & Brain Health Research Institute) and the three research initiatives (Environmental Science and Design Research Initiative, Global Understanding Research Initiative & Healthy Communities Research Initiative) – Michael Kavulic, Ext. 2-5845,
  9. Questions related to promoting your research grants, publications, events, awards, etc.: Doug Delahanty at Ext. 2-2395,
  10. Questions related to Environmental Health and Safety:
    1. Questions related to Chemical Hygiene, Radiation, Lasers, Training or IBC: LaKetta Wilson, Ext 2-1977
    2. Questions related to Biosafety or Training: Manjusha Kulkarni, Ext. 2-4710
    3. Questions related to Environmental Compliance: Dennis Baden, Ext. 2-1950
    4. Questions related to Ergonomics: Don Head, Ext. 2-9565

Click here for our general RASP staff directory.