Department of Anthropology

Polynesian island Anuta at dawn in 2013.

Professor Emeritus Richard Feinberg shared images from his research expeditions to the Polynesian island of Anuta.

Archaeologist Michelle Bebber, Ph.D., assistant professor in Kent State's Department of Anthropology demonstrates the use of an atlatl on the Kent Campus

A new study led by Archaeologist Michelle Bebber, assistant professor in Kent State’s Department of Anthropology, has demonstrated that the atlatl (i.e. spear thrower) functions as an “equalizer,” a finding which supports women’s potential active role as prehistoric hunters.

Metin Eren, Ph.D., associate professor and director of archeology at Kent State University, demonstrates flintknapping.

For most, the craft known as flintknapping is a skilled hobby or art form that was thought to occasionally require bandages or stitches. However, new research suggests flintknapping is far more dangerous than previously understood.

Study examines the relationship between hazing severity and group solidarity in an anonymous U.S. fraternity.

Kent State University’s newest anthropologist, Assistant Professor Aldo Cimino, Ph.D., has made it his life’s work to understand the causes and consequences of hazing, including the possible generation of solidarity. He and his co-author recently published an article on this question in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. 

Anna Mika of Parma, Ohio, stands in Kent State University’s Experimental Archaeology Lab in Lowry Hall.

Sometimes it just takes a small spark to ignite a fire within you. For Anna Mika of Parma, Ohio, who started as a geology major her freshman year at Kent State University and switched to anthropology the following year, that spark came in 2017 while taking an anthropology course called North America’s Ice Aged Hunters, taught by Metin I. Eren, Ph.D., associate professor and director of archaeology in the College of Arts and Sciences. She said that course changed her perspective on everything.  

Kent State University’s Glauser School of Music received a significant planned gift during the 2021 Giving Tuesday campaign to support students in pursuing piano performance, orchestra, opera and education-abroad opportunities.

Kent State University’s season of giving launched on Nov. 1 with Giving Tuesday, a monthlong celebration of philanthropy. Now halfway through the campaign, the generosity of the Kent State community has already begun to shine. 

Division of Research & Economic Development
At left: image of a 3D printer by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay At right: an image of excavation by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

The Farris Family Innovation Awards support the research of tenure-track faculty members who are not yet tenured at Kent State and who have shown promising drive for their field of study. In May 2021, Faculty Affairs announced the recipients of this year's Farris Family Innovation Awards: Michelle Bebber, assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology, and Elda Hegmann, assistant professor in the Materials Science Graduate Program.