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American College Testing

The ACT-Residual is available to students seeking admission to Kent State University and measures knowledge in English, Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning.

Test Information

Only students who have submitted an application for admission to Kent State or College Credit Plus may take the ACT Residual. Test scores can ONLY be reported to a Kent State office such as Admissions, Regional Campus Admissions, or College Credit Plus. Students wishing to take the National ACT may register at multiple U.S. and international locations.

Students should plan on 3 ½ to 4 hours total testing time.  The test includes: 

English – 45 minutes
Mathematics – 60 minutes
Reading – 35 minutes
Science – 35 minutes

Test scores are based on the number of questions answered correctly during the time allowed for each test. If a student does not know the answer the student will not be penalized for guessing. It is to the student’s advantage to answer each question even if guessed.


The test fee is $60.00 payable by credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) upon registration. The test fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Acceptable photo ID must be presented to take the test. This ID may be an original, current (valid) ID used by a city/state/federal government agency or the students’ school.  Note: School ID must be in hard plastic card format.Paper or electronic formats are NOT acceptable. The photo must be clearly recognizable as the student.
  • Non-prohibited calculators are allowed during the Math section. Please read the section on the Calculator Policy to determine acceptable calculators.
  • Students may visit the ACT Test Day Check List to learn more about what forms of ID are permissible. 

Repeating Tests

A minimum wait of 60 days is required before retesting through ACT Residual testing. If the 60-day wait period is violated, the retest scores will be canceled automatically.

Requesting Accommodations

ACT approves accommodations for test takers with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Eligibility to request accommodations:

  • Professionally diagnosed condition
  • Appropriate documentation on file at school
  • Accommodations used on tests in school due to disability

Requests for testing accommodations, including appropriate documentation, should be submitted to the Student Accessibility Services office as soon as possible and received by Testing Services no later than two weeks prior to the testing date.  We will make every effort to meet the needs of our test-takers.  Our ability to meet those needs will be based on staffing resources available and the availability of the testing space on that day.  

Please contact the Student Accessibility Services office to discuss testing needs and testing accommodations. 

Register for ACT-Residual                    ACT Website

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Assessment LEarning in Knowledge Spaces

Learn tips for the Aleks Assessment

Hear from students about the benefits of the Aleks Assessment! 


Kent State University uses ALEKS, an artificial-intelligence based assessment tool, to assess a student's strengths and weaknesses in Mathematics. Students will take the initial ALEKS placement assessment online at a time and place convenient for them. The use of ALEKS requires installation of the ALEKS plug-in or use of the streaming plug-in. The plug-in should install automatically the first time ALEKS math placement is accessed.

Math Assessment Information

ALEKS Mathematics Placement

Most new students attending Kent State University are required to complete the ALEKS Placement Assessment online before arriving at Destination Kent State (DKS). It must be completed no later than 72 hours prior to attending DKS. As well, students have a 48 hour window to take the placement online or ALEKS will force the student to start over. The assessment generally takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete 25-30 questions. Since it is not timed, students can take a break as long as the placement is completed within the 48 hour window. If students log out before completing it, ALEKS will resume where left off. Student's ALEKS account expires one year from the date the student initially accesses the placement. Watch this video to see how ALEKS works or learn more about Test Prep Strategies for ALEKS Students.

ALEKS Mathematics Reassessment

Students may improve their mathematics placement score by taking an ALEKS Reassessment.  Prior to reassessment, students are required to work in the ALEKS Learning Modules.  The learning modules allow students to practice math skills at their own pace while advancing through different topics within an assessment pie chart.  Students are encouraged to accomplish 80 of the pie chart topics in order to potentially improve their placement score when taking the proctored reassessment. Students may work within the learning modules up to six months from the time they first access them provided the learning modules and reassessment is done within the one-year expiration date.

ALEKS reassessment must be taken in a remote, proctored environment through ALEKS utilizing Respondus Lockdown-Monitor. Read "Before Starting," "How It Works" and "Respondus Lockdown Additional Instructions" for information about remote proctoring.

Learn more about math placement from the KSU Department of Mathematical Sciences


There is no fee for the ALEKS Mathematics Placement Assessment and six-week learning module or reassessment when proctored at a KSU campus or through Respondus Lockdown-Monitor. Register for In-person ALEKS Math Reassesement if you do not want to take remotely.

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College Level Examination Program

The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) gives students the opportunity to earn college credit by testing for knowledge acquired through independent study, prior course work, on-the-job training, professional development, cultural pursuits, or internships. 

Test Information

CLEP exams cover material taught in courses most students take as requirements in the first two years of college.  Most CLEP exams are 90 minutes in length, except for the College Composition exam, which is 120 minutes and requires essays, and are multiple choice. CLEP offers 33 examinations in five subject areas. Exams may be repeated after a three-month waiting period following the initial test date.  The College Board will nullify results of tests taken more frequently. 

Current military service veterans may be eligible to take free CLEP exams through DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support) (https://clep.collegeboard.org/earn-college-credit/military-benefits). Students who qualify for a DANTES funded exam should email testingservices@kent.edu before registering to be proctored for an exam in order to receive a fee waiver.

To learn more about CLEP credit transfer, visit https://www.kent.edu/credittransfer/credit-transfer-faqs.

Steps for Purchasing the CLEP Exam and Registration

Step One: Select and purchase a CLEP exam through CollegeBoard at the My Account Portal.  Following the purchase of a CLEP exam, a payment receipt and a ticket ID are provided.  The ticket ID is valid for testing up to six months from the date of the CLEP exam purchase.  Once receiving the ticket ID, a test date can be scheduled. Please see the CLEP Exam Registration Tutorial for questions about purchasing the exam. 

Step Two: After you have purchased the voucher through the College Board Website, you will Register to take the exam. Follow instructions when registering. An email confirmation will be sent within 5-10 minutes of registration.



There is a $35 administrative fee that is non-refundable and non-transferable in addition to the voucher fee. Registration is not complete until payment is received.


Taking the CLEP Exam

Proof of Identification

Test takers must present their CLEP ticket ID and a government issued ID (with photo and a signature) in order to be admitted for testing. The name on the CLEP ticket ID must match the name on the government issued ID.

Score Reports and Credit

Scores are provided onscreen immediately after taking the exam (except for the College Composition exam which takes 2-3 weeks).  Test administrators can also print an unofficial score report when requested by the students. As well, scores are available online one business day following the exam. 

  • If students indicated Kent State University as a score recipient (KSU Code Number 1367), an official score report will be received approximately two weeks after the test date. The transcript will be submitted to the Credit Transfer Office for inclusion with the official academic record. 
  • If a score recipient institution was not selected at the time of the exam, students can request CLEP scores by ordering a CLEP Transcript.
  • Any credit earned will be posted to a student’s transcript as credit hours, without a grade.  No indication will be made on your transcript for non-passing scores.
  • Before purchasing a CLEP exam, prospective and admitted Kent State University students should be familiar with the Alternative Credit Testing Eligibility requirements as stated in the University Catalog.  Students should always consult with their academic advisor or college advising office prior to scheduling an exam to ensure eligibility requirements are met.  

Scores are calculated by CLEP through a “raw score” and converted into a “scaled score” through a statistical process called equating.  To learn more about how CLEP exams are scored, visit CLEP Computing Scores. To see how scores convert to course equivalency at Kent State University, read the Kent State University CLEP Credit Guide.

Register For CLEP Exam    Clep Credit Score Guide   CLEP Website 

Proctored Exams

Students actively taking current college level course work can request to be proctored for an exam at Kent State University on select days designated for proctoring. To schedule a proctored exam, please request by contacting testingservices@kent.edu.

In order to approve proctoring, students must have their instructor/organization contact us. The following information will be required: 

  1. Protocols for exam – instructor/organization must complete a Request for Exam Proctoring form, which will be sent upon contacting Testing Services-Kent Campus.
  2. Deadline for exam
  3. Administrative expectations and requirements of external organization/institution submitting test.

Students can register for the following exam options through the Online Test Registration System.   


  • Proctored – KSU Undergrad (not for ALEKS or CLEP): Free up to 2.5 hours.
  • Proctored – KSU Graduate Student: $25
  • Proctored – Non-Current KSU Student: $25

There is no proctoring available for tests beyond 2.5 hours unless advance approval is received. For special permission, contact testingservices@kent.edu.

collegeboard accuplacer

Writing Reassessment

Students who believe their current College Writing (ENG 01001 or 11011) placement is incorrect, may choose to have their writing reassessed. 

  1. Contact the home campus testing center for information about the reassessment: University Testing Services
  2. Schedule the free proctored reassessment online (https://aedc.kent.edu/otrs/). 
  3. Follow instructions from the home campus testing center to complete the writing essay.

Scores and Raters

After completing the reassessment, students will immediately receive one of the following scores/actions:

     Kent campus students:

  • 1-6: ENG 11011
  • 7-8: Score evaluated by raters to determine ENG 11011 or ENG 21011*

     Regional campus students:

  • 1-3: ENG 01001 (immediate decision)
  • 4: Score will be evaluated in combination with Reading score to determine placement into ENG 01001 or ENG 11011
  • 5-6: ENG 11011 (immediate decision)
  • 7-8: Score evaluated by raters to determine ENG 11011 or ENG 21011*

If taking the Accuplacer/Writeplacer, and the student receives a score “Pending”, it means that the student scored at a threshold that necessitates an Accuplacer rater to score the report by hand.  A score should appear no later than the following morning. In cases such as this, the student will receive an email the following business day from the Testing Center (copying the English Department) notifying them of their score. 

* For scores evaluated by Kent State raters, the student will receive an email from the Testing Center (copying the English Department) within three business days of completing the WritePlacer essay.  The score report will be attached notifying the student of the recommended placement and next steps in the rating process. 

Steps For Rated Essays

  1. If a student scores a 4 (Kent Campus only), 7, or 8 (all campuses), the Testing Center will email the English Department Administrative Assistant with the student essay attached to the email. 
  2. The English Department Administrative Assistant will send the essay to three faculty raters.
  3. The first two raters who are available will rate and reply-all to the Administrative Assistant’s email. If they disagree, the third rater will assess and rate the essay to determine placement. All essays should be rated within five business days of receiving the essay.


The Administrative Assistant will contact the student about the student’s final placement. If the student’s course changes based on the placement score, the student should schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss the results.  

Learn more from the KSU Department of English Writing Courses


There is no fee to take the writing reassessment.

Kent State University Placement

Undergraduate students may be required to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in Mathematics, Foreign Language, Chemistry, English (Writing), and Reading prior to initial course registration. The need for placement assessments is determined by a student’s major or college requirements.

Learn More About KSU Placement