Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Construction Management

Grace Kormos showed the world she was career-ready, going from intern to a management role in just a few short years

How exactly did 2021 Kent State University graduate Grace Kormos go from an intern to a management role in just a few short years? Must be that Golden Flashes touch.

In a recent interview, Kormos shared her journey from intern to her current role serving as a roofing construction manager for Weatherproofing Technologies Inc., based in Beachwood, Ohio.

Kent State Alumna Grace Kormos

Kormos got her foot in the door in 2018, working as an intern while pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. She was hired as an associate, which she said is considered a construction manager training position, and quickly advanced to a construction manager role within six months. Kormos now oversees the company’s south Atlantic region, a role she has held since October 2021. 

Kormos credits the female leadership at the company for helping her see a place for herself in what is generally considered a male-dominated industry.

“We have a lot of female upper management, which has made my position more empowering,” Kormos shared with “I had a super unique experience because I did start as an intern for the company and then kind of moved my way up to that position, which hasn’t happened a lot. Working with the females that I did in the office [pre-COVID], all the amazing women, it has made me feel more comfortable.” 

Check out the full interview with Kormos.

Article image photo credit: Grace Kormos/Linkedin

POSTED: Wednesday, November 29, 2023 03:37 PM
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