Living, Learning, Creating in Improved Studio Space

New art studio for Living-Learning Community provides a personalized space for student academic and creative success

Living. Learning. Creating. For students in Prentice Hall, they can now do all three in the same space.

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, the Living in The Arts Living-Learning Community, located in Prentice Hall, opened the doors to its new and improved studio space with an open house to explore and learn about all the new attributes of the updated creative studio. 

The studio provides a space for students to create and explore numerous art media, from fashion to painting to music.  

Marquis Davis, the director of Academic Diversity Outreach in the College of the Arts and coordinator of the Living in the Arts Living-Learning Community, was at the open house to provide an inside look and talk about what the new studio has to offer.  

The studio was renovated in roughly six months, with the Living in The Arts Living-Learning Community obtaining materials from both surplus materials and donations. This studio is part of how Kent State University provides a personalized and holistic focus on each student's success.

Renovations included new wall paint, a glass display, a painting corner, a music corner, mannequins and sewing machines.  

Living in the Arts Prentice Hall

“We want to make sure that our students who come here with an artistic eye do not have to worry about the barriers of creating their art,” Davis said.

A glass art display sits near the entrance of the studio. This display serves as a way for students to share their pieces of art with each other and with the Kent State community.

During the open house, inquiring students joined faculty and staff for light refreshments and snacks as they toured the new facility.  

The Prentice Art Studio is partnered with The Fabric Pantry, which provides free fabrics to creative students and cuts the cost of supplies. The studio has a designated space to hold all the donated fabrics where students can easily access them.

Living in the Arts Open House

Students who are interested in using this new art studio can contact Marquis Davis at to set up a time to get familiar with all the space has to offer.  

Learn more about the Living in The Arts Community.

POSTED: Monday, March 18, 2024 11:55 AM
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