Welcome to the Williamson House. Our space is for everyone.

 When we enter the Williamson House, we welcome dialogue and an openness to new ideas.  We accept the differences we all have and bravely grapple with biases we each hold. In the Williamson House we use our privileged to lift up the voices of those who are oppressed.  We welcome you to join us in creating a culture at Kent State where everyone is safe, diversity is valued and positive change happens for the good of Kent State University, our community and beyond.

SRVSS Take Back the Night participants

Center for Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services

College campuses across the nation are facing a serious problem and, unfortunately, the numbers do not lie. The issue of power-based personal violence (sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking) is an issue of significant concern on college campuses, including Kent State University. Nationally, women have a 1-in-6 statistical probability of being sexually assaulted (1-in-33 for men) and college women are four times as likely to be sexually assaulted as are other women. These statistics are simply unacceptable and we believe we can do better at Kent State University. 

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Group photo #ILookLikeAPolitician

Women's Center

The Kent State University Women’s Center strives to advance gender equity on our campuses and in our communities through education, advocacy and action.  

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