Certified Digital Marketing Professional + Professional Certified Marketer


Dates: New Sessions begin on the first of each month

Time: 30 hours; Flexible Online Learning – dynamic video presentations and practical learning activities (including tutorials and exercises)

Cost: $1900

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The two top Digital Marketing Certifications in the USA: 

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing + Professional Certified Marketer from American Marketing Association


Digital Marketing Institute and American Marketing Association

Two Great Marketing Leaders. One Powerful Course. Not only will you receive a DMI certification, but you also receive the Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) awarded by the American Marketing Association (AMA). Both are internationally recognized. Get ahead and stand out in your career with dual online digital marketing certifications.

Delivered 100% online, learn Google Ads (PPC), Analytics, Facebook Ads, content marketing, SEO and more. Two certifications for the price of one.

Why should you take this digital marketing training program? 

Through dynamic video presentations and practical learning activities (including tutorials and exercises), you will acquire a hands-on learning experience that will enable you to demonstrate a strong foundation in digital marketing, covering the main concepts, techniques, and skills required in order to develop, plan and implement an effective digital marketing strategy. 

You can expect to:

  • Gain a holistic understanding and competency in the key areas of digital marketing
  • Learn durable skills so you can stay relevant, no matter what’s trending
  • Join a community of like-minded marketers and industry experts
  • Keep learning with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) on Marketing Topics

By the end of this comprehensive digital marketing training, you will be able to:

  • Increase your website’s visibility through search engine optimization (SEO) techniques
  • Drive qualified traffic to your website through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Execute social video and digital display campaigns
  • Capture, segment, and manage email subscribers in order to plan and execute a successful email marketing campaign
  • Use suitable social media channels for different business goals and objectives
  • Measure and optimize your social media campaigns
  • Leverage mobile marketing for its micro-targeting advantages
  • Analyze and optimize your overall digital marketing activity
  • Create a formal digital marketing plan for your organization

Upon successful completion of a three-hour computer-based examination, you are awarded two of the world’s most widely recognized digital marketing certifications – the DMI certification and the Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) awarded by the American Marketing Association (AMA). 

As a certified digital marketing professional you get the confidence you need to create and steer transformative and revenue generating digital marketing strategies for organizations of any and all sizes. You will also receive a globally recognized certified professional badge to display on your LinkedIn profile, while also gaining access to the MyDMI membership platform to maintain your skills as you continue to learn and grow, to network, and to gain valuable CPD points.

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Certified Digital Marketing Professional Course Topics

The digital marketing course is comprised of ten modules, which provide in-depth coverage of all the key disciplines required for best practice digital marketing.

A digital specialist, The Digital Marketing Institute offers the most widely taught set of certification standards in digital marketing and selling for learners, educators and industry. With 100,000 members across the globe, the Digital Marketing Institute have trained more professionals to a single education standard than any other certification body.

All Digital Marketing Institute certifications are reviewed and validated by the esteemed Global Industry Advisory Champions (GIAC), comprised of the world’s largest and most influential brands. 

The GIAC works to set the skills agenda and address the global digital skills shortage. By providing expert review and recommendations on a regular basis, the GIAC ensures that each certification is designed and refreshed to equip professionals with the latest and most in-demand digital skills needed to thrive in today’s digitally driven economy. 

Armed with a Digital Marketing Institute certification, graduates gain the digital knowledge and skills to drive success in their career and organization. 

The industry recognizes what DMI does because we work with the best people and we’re helping to move the whole industry forward. We have created a 27 person panel of diverse influencers, thought leaders, tech gurus and C-suite change-makers called the Global Industry Advisory Champions.

These people don’t just play the game – they are the game. Hailing from the USA, Europe and Asia, the Champions have millions of followers, win awards, get published globally, manage multi-site teams and multi-million dollar budgets and are right at the edge of new and fast as well as established and influential. They provide crisp industry ideas, research, commentary and new best practices. The DMI works with them year- round to deliver better - sharper products; a clearer, more meaningful Product Roadmap. And they develop hot content and webinars exclusively for DMI Members, and for you.

At the core of the Global Industry Advisory Champions work is the identification of current and future trends, contributing to best practice advice, industry research and insights for professionals and the industry. This offers guidance on an educational framework to support the development and promotion of the profession and the opportunities for individuals and businesses.

As the largest community-based marketing association in the world, AMA is trusted by marketing and sales professionals to help them discover what’s coming next in the industry. The AMA has a community of local chapters in more than 70 cities and 350 college campuses throughout North America. The AMA is home to award-winning content, PCM® professional certification, premiere academic journals, and industry-leading training events and conferences.