Dr. Mary Ann Raghanti

Dr. Mary Ann Raghanti

Professor and Chair
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Research Areas of Expertise

  • Comparative neurobiology with an evolutionary perspective
  • Neuromodulation of cognition
  • Hormonal correlates of nonhuman primate behavior
  • Neural mechanisms of social attachment


Dr. Raghanti is a biological anthropologist whose primary research focus is the evolution of the human brain. She serves as graduate faculty for the Department of Anthropology and School of Biomedical Sciences (Biological Anthropology and Neurosciences). Dr. Raghanti’s lab uses numerous histological, immunohistochemical, and stereological techniques to investigate potential neuroanatomical correlates of human-specific cognitive and behavioral specializations. Dr. Raghanti also collaborates with the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on projects involving the health and well-being of a diverse array of primate and nonprimate species. 

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Biological Anthropology, Neuroanatomy, Brain Evolution, Neurotransmitters, Comparative Cognition, collaborative international research (Kyoto University & Kent State), Behavior, ecology of primates, scientific culture

Research Institutes and Initiatives

Brain Health Research Institute, Global Understanding Research Initiative