Visiting Artist and Scholar Lecture Series

First Friday Lecture Series:
Every semester, the School of Art brings artists and scholars from around the country to Kent State to present their work to an audience of students and community members. All lectures are free and open to the public and take place at 12:00 p.m. in room 165 at the Center for the Visual Arts unless otherwise noted. 


Past Lectures:


Spring 2024

January 26, 2024: Jason Bernagozzi and Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge (hosted by SoA Galleries)
“Time is a waveform” and “As the hour turns blue”

February 2, 2024: Andrea Maxwell, art historian (hosted by Art History)
Symbolic Violence and the Jew in Premodern Italian Art

February 9, 2024: Jessika Edgar, ceramicist (hosted by Ceramics)
The Struggle Is Real

March 1, 2024: Aaron Coleman, printmaking artist (hosted by Print Media & Photography)
In Plain Sight: Dark Histories Uncovered

April 5, 2024: Ling-lin Ku, sculptor (hosted by Sculpture & Expanded Media, in conjunction with SoA Galleries)
Play without Play

May 3, 2024: Ranee Henderson, painter (hosted by Painting)
Resistance and Resilience

Fall 2023

September 1, 2023: Soledad Fatima Muñoz, interdisciplinary artist (hosted by Textiles)
"Non-Visual Art: Why Materials Matter"

September 8, 2023: Linda Stein, artist and activist (hosted by Art Education, in conjunction with the School of Art Gallery’s exhibition "Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Females")
"How Art is a Catalyst for Gender Justice vs. Bullying and Oppression"

September 22, 2023: Richard Duarte Brown, teaching artist and Sarah Danner Hebdo, art educator (hosted by Art Education)
"Teaching Art as Social Engagement"

October 13, 2023: Clarissa von Spee, curator at Cleveland Museum of Art (hosted by Art History)
"How to Curate an Exhibition: China’s Southern Paradise: Treasures from the Lower Yangzi Delta at the Cleveland Museum of Art"

Spring 2023

January 20, 2023 - Nneka Kai, Visiting interdisciplinary artist in Textiles: 
"Hair as Praxis"

February 3, 2023: Monique Martin, Visiting interdisciplinary artist in Art Education:
"Printmaking as Installation and Sculpture"

February 24, 2023: Jared Ledesma, Curator at the NC Museum of Art, Juror for the Student Annual:
"Uncharted Histories"

March 3, 2023: Victor López and Marco Sánchez, Visiting printmaking artists in Print Media & Photography:
"Nexo Entre Raíces; The Planting of a Seed in Mexican Printmaking"

March 10, 2023: Moko Fukuyama, Visiting artist and filmmaker in Sculpture & Expanded Media:
"Seeing The Forest, Seeing The Trees"

April 7, 2023: Dr. Paula Wisotzki, Visiting Art Historian:
"David Smith and Public Engagement"

April 14, 2023:  Vanessa Maltese, Visiting artist in Painting & Drawing:
"Various Forms of Trickery"

Fall 2022

October 7, 2022 -  Serubiri Moses, writer and curator (in person), Visiting Curator in Art History: "Curating the Tenth Berlin Biennale and The School of Anxiety"


Spring 2022

January 21 - Kira Dominguez Hultgren (in-person), Visiting artist in Textiles; This artist talk is a part of the "LINE BY LINE" exhibition on view in the CVA Gallery Jan. 25 - March 11, 2022

February 25 -  Tabitha Ott (in-person), Visiting artist in Jewelry/Metals/Enameling; This artist talk is a part of Tabitha Ott's solo exhibition "Imaginarium" on view at the KSU Downtown Gallery Jan. 28 - March 5, 2022

March 4 - April Bey: Art and the Millennial Natural Hair Movement (virtual), Visiting artist in Art History; This artist talk is a part of the TEXTURES exhibition at the KSU Museum.

March 11 - Crystal Gregory (in-person), Visiting artist in Textiles; This artist talk is a part of the "LINE BY LINE" exhibition on view in the CVA Gallery Jan. 25 - March 11, 2022

April 8 - Kilolo Luckett (in-person), Visiting curator in Art History

April 15 -  Kelcy Chase Folsom (in-person), Visiting artist in ceramics

April 20 - 2:30 p.m. CVA 140 - Aimee Lee, (in-person) Visiting artist in print media. Papermaking demo at 3:30 p.m. CVA atrium.

April 22 - Luanne Redeye (in-person), Visiting artist for School of Art Galleries

April 29 - Jiha Moon (in-person), Visiting artist in painting and ceramics

Fall 2021

October 22 - Curlee Raven Holton (in-person) - Program for A Collaboration of Creativity in the CVA Gallery

November 1 (Monday at 5:00 p.m.) - Tali Weinberg (in-person), visiting artist in Textiles

December 3 - Dakota Mace (in-person), visiting artist in Art History and Print Media and Photography

All lectures were be presented virtually for the 2020/21 school year. Recordings of these virtual lectures are available to the Kent State community via the link below. You will need to login using your Flashline credentials in order to view the videos.

School of Art Lecture Series Recordings

Spring 2021 

February 5 - Visiting Scholar, Dr. Susan Zwirn - Art Education

February 12 - Mehdi-Georges Lahlou – Curator Conversation with Dr. Joseph Underwood; “Into the Wind, the Veils” is on view in the Crawford and Payto Galleries in the Center for the Visual Arts.

February 19 - Visiting Artist, Jessalyn Boeke, Co-Founder Rust Belt Fibershed - Textiles

March 5 - Visiting Scholar, Dr. Lanisa Kitchiner - Art History

March 12 - Visiting Artist, Ben Kinsley, Sculpture and Expanded Media

April 2 - Visiting Artist, Rachel Eulena Williams, Painting

April 9 - Visiting Art Historian/Critic, Glenn Adamson (11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.) - Presented in partnership with Cleveland Institute of Art.

April 23 - Artist Talk - "Import/Export" juror Dawit L. Petros. Presented by Kent State University Global Understanding Research Initiative

April 30 - Visiting Artist, Naeem Mohaiemen - Presented in partnership with moCa Cleveland.

Fall 2020

September 25 - Visiting Scholar Maria Elena Buszek, Art History and Painting

October 2 -  Visiting Artist Stephen Saracino, Jewelry/Metals/Enameling

November 6 -   Visiting Artist Faisal Abdu'allah, Print Media and Photography

December 4 -   Visiting Scholar, Dr. Kevin Jenkins, Art Education - "TMI: Giving an Account of a Trans Self"

Spring 2020

February 7 -  Renee Zettle Sterling, Visiting Artist in Jewelry/Metals/Enameling 

February 21 - Lenka Clayton, Visiting Artist in Sculpture and Expanded Media 

February 28 – Holland Houdek* ​​​​​​,Visiting Artist in Jewelry/Metals/Enameling - *Will take place in room 140 at 2 p.m.

March 6  -  Marianne Fairbanks, Visiting Artist in Textiles 

Fall 2019

September 6 - Henry Halem Lecture: The History of Kent State’s Glass Program – CVA 165, 12-1 p.m.

September 13  - Artist Talk: Marc Petrovic and Kari Russell-Pool, Visiting artists in glass - CVA 165, 12-1 p.m.

October 4 - Art Byte – Presentations by School of Art Faculty: Shana Klein, Joseph Underwood, Davin Ebanks, J. Leigh Garcia, Michelle Summers, and Marie Bukowski

October 18 - Artist Talk: Melanie Yazzie, Visiting Artist in Print Media and Art History

November 1 - Artist Talk: Wayne Gonzales, Visiting Artist in Painting and Drawing

December 6 - Artist Talk: Salvador Jiménez-Flores, Visiting Artist in Print Media and Photography,

Spring 2019

January 25 - Brett Binford, Visiting Artist, Ceramics  

March 1 - Sharon Massey, Visiting Artist, Jewelry/Metals/Enameling 

April 5 - Lauren Salazar, Visiting Artist, Textiles

May 3 - Austin Porter, Visiting Scholar, Art Historian (rescheduled from Feb. 1)

Fall 2018

September 7 -  Erik Waterkotte, Visiting Artist/Printmaking

September 28 - Heather Lenz, Visiting Artist in Art History 

October 5 - Scott Carter, Visiting Artist/Sculpture and Expanded Media

November 2 - Jonathan Juravich, Visiting Lecturer in Art Education 

December 7 - Megan Holmes, Visiting Scholar/Art Historian 

Spring 2018

January 26 - Chalkie Davies, Visiting Artist in Art History

February 2 -  John Paul Morabito, Visiting Artist in Textiles

March 2 - Joseph Lupo, Visiting Artist in Printmaking

April 6 - Shannon Stratton, Chief Curator at the Museum of Art and Design

April 20 - Stratosphere Lecture (Sponsored by the College of the Arts), Visiting Artist Deirdre Murphy

April 27 - Heidi Hahn, Visiting Artist in Painting

Fall 2017

September 1 - Arron Foster, Visiting Professor in Printmaking

October 6 - Giselle Hicks, Visiting Artist in Ceramics (sponsored by Peter Johnson)

November 3 - Mitchell F. Chan, Visiting Artist in Sculpture (sponsored by Jonas Sebura and Isabel Farnsworth)

December 1 - Imin Yeh, Visiting Artist in Printmaking (sponsored by Arron Foster)