England LGBTQ 2022


LGBT 30095 | PACS 35095

LGBTQ Studies & Peace and Conflict Studies

May 29 - June 9, 2022


This course brings students to London and Manchester, in order to explore important locations and interact with leading scholars and activists in the field of LGBTQ Studies. A primary focus of this class will be learning video-based field research methodologies, culminating in students conducting oral history interviews in both London and Manchester--interviews that will become part of the Queer Britain Museum’s permanent collection. The class will travel to London, where students will connect with this city’s storied LGBTQ history through guest lectures and tours, and they will meet the staff of the new national LGBTQ Museum. In Manchester, the class will visit Gaytown, meet with members of the LGBT Foundation, tour the People’s Museum, and learn more about the life of Alan Turing. In both cities, students will engage in field research, making an important contribution to UK’s LGBTQ history.

SCHOLARSHIP: Merry-Vale Travel Scholarship for LGBTQ education, research abroad and away: for more information, contact Lauren Vachon, coordinator of LGBTQ Studies, lvachon@kent.edu


  • $5,897 - with min. 10 registrations
  • $5,347 - with min. 15 registrations

Including flights, lodging, ground transportation, entrance fees, and some meals. Tuition is not included.


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