Applied Data and Information Minor

The Applied Data and Information minor expands on the tools you gain in your major, complementing fields such as digital humanities, fashion, media, social sciences, design and technology. It will open new and different opportunities for you.

Our graduates are prepared for organizations most involved in the collection, preservation and access to data and information. Students are immersed in significant components of the field: the contextual, dynamic and fluid nature of information, its nature as as a process, commodity and entity and the value of using multiple information resources and emerging technologies in research contexts.

Program Requirements

The required and elective courses will help students obtain and develop the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to be competitive in today’s workforce in an increasingly data-driven economy and society. Students gain essential skills in data literacy and fluency while also learning about relevant applications in their respective majors and fields of interest.

The minor has four required courses (12 hours, no prerequisites):

  • Applied Data and Information Fundamentals
  • Research Data Management
  • Database Fundamentals for Information Professionals
  • One programming course (choose from several options)

and a wide range of electives (6 hours). 

Minor Requirements