CCI Diversity Team

The CCI Diversity Team (the Team) serves as an advisory board for the CCI Diversity Director. The Team is comprised of dedicated faculty, staff and students from all schools within the College of Communication and Information who have volunteered to assist in the development and implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives in our college.

Initiatives to promote and support diversity and inclusion in CCI include:

  • Advise the CCI Diversity Director about diversity and inclusion ideas and concerns.
  • Facilitate communication between the CCI Diversity Director and all constituents within the College of Communication and Information.
  • Assist in developing, promoting and assessing the CCI Diversity Strategic Plan.
  • Develop and implement policies, procedures and initiatives to foster the success of underrepresented and underserved students.
  • Promote and encourage diversity education and training for all CCI faculty, staff and student leaders.
  • Assist in planning diversity-related curriculum, research, resources, services, events and programs.
  • Serve as a connection to diversity and inclusion resources across the university and in the surrounding communities.


Team Members