Featured CCI Courses

Here are just a selection of some of our cross-curricular offerings at the college level for Summer of 2024. These classes teach skills that are applicable across our majors and minors and are often collaborative learning experiences in areas not covered by traditional coursework. 

Classes in CCI That All KSU Majors Can Take
Kent Core
  • COMM 15000 – Intro to Human Communication
Experiential Learning (ELR), Upper-Division
  • COMM 46091 - You're Graduating - Now What?
Writing-Intensive (WIC), Upper-Division 
  • COMM 34000 - Difficult Decisions in Communication 
Upper-Division, Diversity
  • COMM 45902 – Communication and Influence
  • COMM 35864 - Organizational Communication


You can also download this Summer 2024 Courses list as a PDF.