Nuried Hurtado Guzman ' 24

Nuried Hurtado Guzman, '24

Journalism Major

Nuried Hurtado Guzman is a junior Journalism major who is using what she is learning inside and out of the classroom to make important connections through Franklin Hall. 

Through taking on numerous roles in TV2, Nuried has sharpened and expanded her communication skills, as well as grown the confidence to be on camera. She is a Tutor and Peer Academic Coach for the Academic Success Center, allowing her to interact with and assist many different types of students. Nuried has also worked on entertainment shows like All Systems Go and the Blurb, allowing her to gain a liking for this popular field. In addition, Nuried is the Secretary for Phi Sigma Pi, an honor fraternity on campus, where she has expanded her writing and organizational skills. 

After graduation, Nuried hopes to use all of these experiences to work as a producer or anchor of a newscast or as an entertainment show reporter. 

“My favorite thing about journalism is that you'll never know what you have to cover. You could plan what story you want to cover and how to do so, but in real life, being a journalist means surprises everyday in a certain way”

Nuried has minors in Digital Media Production and Public Relations. Her favorite classes she has taken through CCI are Intercultural Communication, Interviewing and Data for Journalists, Photography and Studio Television.