CommUNITY Lab is an undergraduate cohort program housed in Community Engaged Learning that offers members a network of coordinated care resources at Kent State University while removing financial, academic, and social-emotional barriers to success.

Participants reside in a living-learning community located in Lake Hall where they learn through specially selected courses, plug into campus resources, and co-create individualized achievement plans with their support networks.

Additionally, CommUNITY Lab provides peer mentorship and signature hands-on learning and development opportunities including service, mentorship, student employment, and immersive travel experiences. CommUNITY Lab students put their passions to purpose by developing effective community problem-solving skills and practicing service to both self and others.

CommUNITY Lab currently serves students from the LeBron James Family Foundation I PROMISE Program, graduates from the District of Columbia College Access Program (DC-CAP), and Upward Bound and First Star scholars.

Questions about CommUNITY Lab can be directed to