Mission, Vision, and Areas of Impact

Mission Statement

Food Drive Welcome Week

Community Engaged Learning cultivates partnerships that educate and empower students to advance social change.

Vision Statement

All Kent State University graduates are civic minded agents of change in their communities and their careers.

Areas of Impact

As an office we commit ourselves to creating positive change through four key areas of impact: Food Security, Literacy and Education, Civic Engagement, and Environmental Sustainability. 

  • Food Security: Our programs, projects, and relationships in this area work toward achieving food security throughout Kent State and the surrounding community. Through partnerships with university offices, local food banks, community gardens, and nutrition programs, we work to ensure that everyone has access to healthy, affordable food. Students engage in service projects and work in leadership roles to advocate, raise awareness, and provide tangible solutions to combat hunger.
  • Literacy and Education: We commit to improving literacy and education for all ages. Our programs and partnerships include tutoring and after-school support, literacy-focused service projects, and mentoring programs that focus on empowering individuals. We also coordinate the CommUNITY Lab living learning program at Kent State, which is an undergraduate cohort program that offers college students a network of coordinated care resources and removes barriers to success. By fostering a love for learning and expanding educational access, we create a foundation for personal and professional success among children and adults.
  • Civic Engagement: We encourage active participation in civic life through voter engagement and participation in the political processes of our community and country. We partner with Kent State's Undergraduate Student Government to co-chair the Kent State Votes coalition, raising awareness about important dates and steps in the voting process, amplifying the variety of on-campus and off-campus programs that engage students on important issues that are taking place in our community, and addressing systemic barriers that prevent students from fully engaging. We commit to preparing students to be informed and engaged citizens in their post-Kent State lives and today
  • Environmental Sustainability: We plan programs and work with a variety of university and community partners to prioritize the health of our planet. From a variety of service projects to campus recycling programs to local conservation projects, we promote sustainable practices and educate the community about the importance of environmental stewardship. 

For more information about each Area of Impact, please be sure to click their names above and review the variety of initiatives, staff members, partnerships, and leadership opportunities in each area. We also provide information about students who have previously been involved in each area, how these contributions affected our work and them, and how their work has led them to where they are now.